Thank you to everyone who helped make Solarize Newburyport a success!

In addition to the residents and business owners who took it upon themselves to adopt and promote clean, efficient and economical solar power- special recognition is deserved by the SunBug Solar team and the Newburyport Volunteers who endeavored to move our community toward a sustainable future, and invested many hours following through on that vision. 


The Solarize Newburyport team along with the City’s chosen installer Sun Bug Solar is extremely pleased to announce that the City’s participation in the state’s “Solarize Mass” program has been very successful. The program which began early in the spring with a small booth at the Farmer’s Market along with a photo op on the Tannery roof ended this weekend with 46 contracts from residents and small businesses totaling over 423kW of electrical capacity contracted. Residents and businesses will receive cumulatively over $400,000 in federal and state tax credits, over $100,000 in rebates from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

 Newburyport had 15 residential and small business solar installations before we began, totaling 66kW total production (not including public installations at the Nock Middle School and Department of Public Works). The 423 kW of electrical capacity contracted during the Solarize Newburyport program represents more than six times the existing solar capacity.

“On behalf of the whole Solarize volunteer team, Brendan Heyck and I want to thank the citizens of Newburyport. We want to thank all the community organizations and media for their crucial help in spreading the word. Sun Bug Solar folks have been hard working and smart partners in this effort, big kudos to them. Mostly we want to express our thanks to all those residents and small businesses that chose solar power. They made sound financial choices for themselves and their family, but more importantly for the long run they made great choices for the environment. They should be proud!” … Jill Haley Murphy, Solarize Team co-chair.

 Sun Bug executive, Ben Mayer offers: “Newburyport can be proud of its citizen involvement and especially the members of the great ad hoc team they recruited and built. We are happy to have become part of the Newburyport community as a result of Solarize and we look forward saying ‘hi!’ to you all as you see our trucks around town installing solar power on your roof tops.”

 Solarize Mass, which was available in 17 Massachusetts communities, including Newburyport in 2012, offered five tiers of discounted pricing based on the total solar capacity contracted under the program. As more residents and businesses contracted for solar, the price for solar energy dropped. Solarize Mass is administered by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER). A committee of technical expert volunteers and municipal officials selected a partnership with Sun Bug Solar to handle solar consultations and installations for the community.


What is Solarize Newburyport?

Solarize Newburyport is a program created by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to increase solar adoption by reduce the cost of solar for all in the community. In the spring of 2012, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), launched the 2012 Solarize Massachusetts Program.  Newburyport is one of just 13 of MA’s 352 communities selected for this limited time offer.

How does it work?

A coordinated community education, marketing and outreach effort is targeted at home and business owners and is organized by a partnership of municipal leaders, grassroots volunteers and the installer (SunBug Solar). As more people sign up for installations, the price decreases for all due to bulk purchasing and economy of scale. SunBug orders the installations based on sign up date, so early contracts will be sooner to install. You can track program progress and current tier at The program’s sign up period runs through September 30th. Sign up for a free site evaluation if you are interested in going solar.

What are the savings?

Solarize ensures better prices then standard solar installations. The final price ultimately depends on the number of people in Newburyport that sign-up for solar. As more people sign up and we move to our higher tiered pricing the savings get better. In each community there are five pricing tiers. Solar PV system pricing starts at the Tier 1 level, and is measured based on total contracted capacity within your community. Once enough systems in a community contract, and their combined capacity reaches the next tier level, the cost of the solar PV systems for all participants who have contracted drops to the lower tier price (whether you purchased the system or opted to sign a contract for a lease or power purchase agreement). This process will repeat with each progressive tier level until the community has over 250 kW of contracted capacity, at which point the community is at the lowest tier of pricing.

Additional Information

The Community Solar Coach for Newburyport is Brendan Heyck and can be reached by emailing

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  1. Bob MIller says:

    I am interested in a site evaluation but I am out of the country returning around July 23. I will miss the information session but i will fill out the form when I return and hope I am not too late.

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