Going solar through the low-money-down option: a Solar Power Purchase Agreement

For some Solarize Newburyport participants, it makes sense to go solar through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  For a low initial downpayment – typically $1000 – you can get a solar system on your roof that can reduce your utility bill for the next 20 years.

When financing a system through a Power Purchase Agreement the Solarize Newburyport financing partner, Kilowatt Systems LLC, owns your solar array.  You pay monthly for the power that the system produces.

The PPA is designed for homeowners seeking control over unpredictable utility costs by replacing a portion of their current electricity bill with a monthly solar power payment. It is ideal for homeowners seeking to:
• Avoid the upfront costs of switching from conventional energy to solar energy.
• Enjoy the benefits of solar without maintenance concerns.

Through the PPA, Kilowatt Systems makes it simple for the homeowner by retaining all tax credits, incentives, Renewable Energy Credits and utility rebates. The PPA offers:
•  Simple payment for every kWh the system produces at a pre-negotiated annual power price.
•  Convenient monthly payments based on actual solar seasonal production.
•  Flexible 20-year initial service agreement with options to extend at the end of term.

How it works:
SunBug designs your system at the favorable Solarize Newburyport pricing and then runs it through the PPA to determine your price per kilowatt hour.  Its important to note that the Soalrize Newburyport tiers apply: as adoption goes up, price per kWh goes down.

If a PPA sounds right for you, request a solar evaluation.  SunBug will assess your site’s solar potential and if appropriate, design your new solar system!

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