How do I know my solar system is producing?

Did you know SunBug is supplying all Solarize Newburyport participants with online solar monitoring?

Take a look here at the production for Portside Dental, the program’s first participant.

SunBug Solar Electric systems have an online monitoring device offering ongoing quality assurance. In the case of most Newburyport participants, systems will receive SunBug’s own SunWatch meter (pictured below). Through web-­based monitoring of the solar system’s output, system owners can be sure their systems are functioning at maximum capacity. They can also track their production -­‐ in real time and over time. In addition, the SunWatch Meter can record overall energy consumption at the site, which empowers homes and businesses to reduce energy use and costs. SunBug will give all customers a detailed lesson in managing their solar array and the corresponding SunWatch Meter account.  Learn more at

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