Solarize Newburyport Reaches Tier 4!

Newburyport has benefited tremendously from the extension of the Solarize program deadline and has now achieved Tier 4 pricing.
The cost of solar just decreased significantly for everyone in Newburyport! 

Your proposal shows the exact discount for your project, but please call or email SunBug with any questions you have. There is just over a week left to participate in the program before the October 31st deadline. We will be holding one more workshop at City Hall this Wednesday between 3 and 7pm, for you to connect with us in-person about your proposal and the tiered savings model.

The Solarize Newburyport program is driven by community involvement. As enthusiasm grows, so does your savings! Our success so far has achieved excellent Tier 4 pricing for everyone involved. Now is the last chance to get in on the Solarize program! To join, you should sign and return your proposal as soon as possible. There has been a surge in momentum from both residents and members of the business community in recent weeks, and we are pushing onward to the last tier. Given current adoption rates, Tier 5: the maximum savings level, is within our reach. With your help we can make Newburyport a star of the Solarize program.

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