Solarize Newburyport deadline TODAY, Sunday Nov 4.

Today, Sunday Nov 4th, is the final deadline for signing up for the steep solar discounts offered through Solarize Newburyport.  If you have not yet signed your proposal and informed SunBug, TODAY IS THE FINAL DAY to take advantage of the program.  In order to be counted, we need to know of your participation via email by TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, and we need to collect your signed proposal and deposit by noon tomorrow (Monday, Nov 5th).

Please contact your salesperson directly with your decision, or with any remaining questions:

Ben Aparo at – 617 860 2525
Mike Ozog at – 617 860 2519
Michael Smith at – 617 860 2526
Ben Mayer at – 617 500 3935

Remember, the program has reached the Tier 5 adoption level, meaning everyone in Newburyport receives the largest discount possible: 25% off the statewide average cost for solar.  This discount is for everyone: those who purchase, use the solar loan, or take advantage through the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model.  Your proposal details the tiered savings specifically for your project.

There simply has never been a better time to go solar in the city of Newburyport.

If you are participating, please write us today BY MIDNIGHT so you can be counted.  And include where we can come in person to pick up your signed proposal and deposit check TOMORROW BEFORE NOON.

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