Solarize Newburyport deadline TODAY, Sunday Nov 4.

Today, Sunday Nov 4th, is the final deadline for signing up for the steep solar discounts offered through Solarize Newburyport.  If you have not yet signed your proposal and informed SunBug, TODAY IS THE FINAL DAY to take advantage of the program.  In order to be counted, we need to know of your participation via email by TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, and we need to collect your signed proposal and deposit by noon tomorrow (Monday, Nov 5th).

Please contact your salesperson directly with your decision, or with any remaining questions:

Ben Aparo at – 617 860 2525
Mike Ozog at – 617 860 2519
Michael Smith at – 617 860 2526
Ben Mayer at – 617 500 3935

Remember, the program has reached the Tier 5 adoption level, meaning everyone in Newburyport receives the largest discount possible: 25% off the statewide average cost for solar.  This discount is for everyone: those who purchase, use the solar loan, or take advantage through the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model.  Your proposal details the tiered savings specifically for your project.

There simply has never been a better time to go solar in the city of Newburyport.

If you are participating, please write us today BY MIDNIGHT so you can be counted.  And include where we can come in person to pick up your signed proposal and deposit check TOMORROW BEFORE NOON.

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CEC announces Nov 4th program extension due to storm

From the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center:

Given that Massachusetts was hit by tropical storm Sandy this week, MassCEC recognizes that the storm may have caused disruptions in travel and made it difficult to execute contracts. As a result, we will allow all communities to contract under the program with customers through Sunday, November 4, 2012.

This allows SunBug to sign up community members for solar through this Sunday.  And Tier 5 – maximum savings for everyone – has been reached.  So in Newburyport, there has never been a better time to go solar than in the next 5 days!

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Soalrize Newburyport Reaches Tier 5 with TWO DAYS left!

Newburyport has shown a community-wide commitment and enthusiasm for a sustainable future, and has now guaranteed the maximum discount of Tier 5 pricing for everyone in Newburyport!

This fantastic pricing means a massive 25% discount off the state average price, and a 39% discount off the Newburyport average price! There are TWO DAYS left to participate in the program before the deadline on Wednesday October 31st.

There has been a surge in momentum from residents and members of the business community in recent weeks. We have locked in the maximum savings allowed for the program, and we want to solarize as many community members that wish to participate. With your help, we hope to charge onward well past 250kW, and make Newburyport a star of the state-wide Solarize program.


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Solarize Newburyport Reaches Tier 4!

Newburyport has benefited tremendously from the extension of the Solarize program deadline and has now achieved Tier 4 pricing.
The cost of solar just decreased significantly for everyone in Newburyport! 

Your proposal shows the exact discount for your project, but please call or email SunBug with any questions you have. There is just over a week left to participate in the program before the October 31st deadline. We will be holding one more workshop at City Hall this Wednesday between 3 and 7pm, for you to connect with us in-person about your proposal and the tiered savings model.

The Solarize Newburyport program is driven by community involvement. As enthusiasm grows, so does your savings! Our success so far has achieved excellent Tier 4 pricing for everyone involved. Now is the last chance to get in on the Solarize program! To join, you should sign and return your proposal as soon as possible. There has been a surge in momentum from both residents and members of the business community in recent weeks, and we are pushing onward to the last tier. Given current adoption rates, Tier 5: the maximum savings level, is within our reach. With your help we can make Newburyport a star of the Solarize program.

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How do I know my solar system is producing?

Did you know SunBug is supplying all Solarize Newburyport participants with online solar monitoring?

Take a look here at the production for Portside Dental, the program’s first participant.

SunBug Solar Electric systems have an online monitoring device offering ongoing quality assurance. In the case of most Newburyport participants, systems will receive SunBug’s own SunWatch meter (pictured below). Through web-­based monitoring of the solar system’s output, system owners can be sure their systems are functioning at maximum capacity. They can also track their production -­‐ in real time and over time. In addition, the SunWatch Meter can record overall energy consumption at the site, which empowers homes and businesses to reduce energy use and costs. SunBug will give all customers a detailed lesson in managing their solar array and the corresponding SunWatch Meter account.  Learn more at

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Mass Clean Energy Center Announces 30–day extension to Solarize Newburyport Program!

Today the Mass Clean Energy Center announced an extension of the Solarize Newburyport sign-up deadline to October 31.  This allows Newburyport residents and businesses an additional month to take advantage of this special community solar discount program.  SunBug Solar, Solarize Newburyport’s selected installer, is in-turn taking advantage of this unusual opportunity to bring an additional financing option to homeowners: the Solar Loan.

 This program extension allows for:

 • Additional Savings.  Increased adoption over the next 30 days allows for higher tiers and so greater savings for every participant.  The program is currently in Tier 3 (50-150kW) representing a 12% savings off statewide average solar prices.  Currently, the community has over 100 kW signed-up, so with this extension we will likely reach Tier 4 (150 kW), an 18% savings for all.  Additionally, with 30 more days, the program may reach Tier 5 (over 250 kW), a 25% savings for every participating member of the community. The tiered savings model applies to all projects, whether direct purchase, the low-money-down solar Power Purchase Agreement, or through a new financing option for Newburyport: the Solar Loan.

Flexible Financing.  The Solar Loan is a new way for Solarize Newburyport homeowners to go solar.  SunBug brings this option to the community based on feedback from residents who wish to own their system but do not have the capital in-hand during this limited program window.  The Solar Loan is an FHA Title-1 home improvement loan that offers flexible terms: 5 to 20 years, and is available to eligible homeowners with FICO scores 650 and above.  Loan rates vary from 4.95% to 9.95% depending on term and FICO.  There is no pre-payment penalty, making it an excellent option for folks who want to lower their utility costs while taking direct advantage of all the solar incentives, particularly the 30% federal tax credit. If you are a homeowner with a proposal in-hand and are looking for an additional financing option, contact your SunBug representative today to see if the Solar Loan is right for you. 

If you have not yet signed up for your free solar site assessment, take advantage of this program extension to request an evaluation today!

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Solarize discounts apply to BOTH the purchase and PPA Model!

So important it’s worth restating- Yes, the discount tiers affect BOTH the purchase and the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model.  Essentially in the PPA each tier represents a penny per kilowatt hour savings. We are already at tier 3 – with tier 4 in our sights – so the base price per kWh through the PPA for everyone is currently $.12.  When we get to tier 4 the base price becomes $.11 per kWh, again for everyone – those that signed up on day one and those that sign up today.

Remember that PPA pricing is always a relationship between the cost of the system and its production.  In other words, the above base price is based on a 90% site efficient sample system.  If your site is a perfect 100% efficient (your roof is a perfect orientation with no tree shade), your PPA price per kWh will actually be better than the above.  If your site is 80% efficient (the state’s cut-off for rebate eligibility, and so the “worst case” site in the program) your price per kWh could be slightly higher. 

Your specific PPA rate could be slightly different than the above, but as adoption increases your rate gets better!

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